Art has been the most consistent, important and defining element of my life so far.

I have always had strong creative impulses, so in recent years I mainly focused on finding my own path to stand out, fighting comparison and becoming unique in how my art is recognized. My paintbrush moves are dedicated to express spiritual and experiential emotions in vibrant and somewhat toroidal way.

The strokes are often expressive of turbulence in a sensitive hyperactive mind but the overall impact of the finished painting is that of an artwork that brightens up life!

This not only reflects in the calming light that reflects through water, but also a very positive approach towards life. I paint with oil on canvas; creating various tonal sensations and visual movements through geometrical patterns, layers of colors and their aesthetic balance.

My art work is appreciated a lot as it gives a warm atmosphere to the spaces and livens up everything around.i am often told that my paintings makes the rooms larger and more spacious.

I spend hours and hours strolling through water paths observing the change in the tones as the sun goes down, it's a fascinating experience that calms my senses and drifts into my soul. I use rich oil paint to create the structures and reflection working layer by layer. Each painting becomes a journey rough and luxurious till it reaches its' destination.

I am open to commissions and some times like it when people give my their own preferences so i can paint for eg with their color requirements but it very much depends on my mood !